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Appellation Japanese Film Festival India - 2016
Festival Dates [16th - 21st, April 2016 Mumbai]
Venues (MAP)
*subject to changes
[TOKYO] TOKYO - HT-cinema - 東京都渋谷区渋谷1-23-16 ココチビル7・8F, TEL. 03-5468-5551
Hosted by Japanese Film Festival India Executive Committee
Supported by Japan Tourism Organization/Ministry of Commerce/Ministry of Foreign Affairs/ Embassy of India,Japan
Producing,Planning and operations Thati Media Corporation
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『インディアンフィルムフェスティバルにお越しの皆様、ホテル予約はトリバゴがオススメです。 会場の渋谷から近いホテルを表示し、絞込みフィルターで予算やユーザーによるレビューから 更に絞り込むことができます。』


The "Japanese Film Festival India" aims at providing a platform for the cinemas of Japan, to project the excellence of the film art,contributing to the understanding and appreciation of film cultures of both the nations in the context of their social and cultural ethos and promoting friendship and cooperation among people of both the countries.The IFFJ’s founding principles center on discovery, promotion,distribution and support for film making of all genres,thus bringing together the diversity of the cultures, aesthetics and contents.The Festival is an assembly of people and nations where the world’s greatest film artistes hold hands with emerging talents on an equal footing. It is also a forum for film professionals to communicate face to face with film lovers around the world.

Our Mission

JFFI aims to nurture, encourage and inspire Japanese cinema and introduce it to Japanese audience and other communities living in Japan.


JFFI event is backed financially by Thati Media Corporation and equally supported by JFFI excecutive committee members, translators and sponsors.

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